Tablet Support for Document Review

Using CaseFleet on-the-go just got easier! You can now review many document types on an iPad or other tablet device.

To see if tablet review is supported for a particular document, look for the tablet icon in the top-left corner of the document reviewer, next to the document name:

Highligher Tablet Icon.png

Redacted Email Notifications

If your team includes privileged information in fact comments, tasks or task comments, you may prefer for these details to be hidden in the notification emails sent from CaseFleet. Administrators can now choose to redact notification emails in Account Settings > Email.

Click here to learn more.

Add Comments to Facts at Creation

In CaseFleet, you now have the ability to comment on a Fact at the same time as creating it for your timeline. Whether you're working within the document reviewer, or creating a new entry directly on the Facts tab, simply add your internal comment at the bottom of the Fact form and save.

Comment on Fact at Creation.gif

Saved Views for Case Contacts

Filters, columns and saved views are now available on the case Contacts tab! Select what info you want visible on your contacts and filter by various fields. Save your view for a quick "snapshot" of contacts matching certain criteria.

Case Contacts Filtering.png

Saved Views for Global Contacts Menu

We recently upgraded our global Contacts page with filtering capabilities, column chooser and Saved Views! You can now view more detailed information for a record directly in the Contact list. With Saved Views, you can now create a "smart list" of contact records matching certain criteria.

Contacts_Columns Filters Saved Views.png Note: This upgrade is currently only available on the global contacts menu, which can be found by clicking "Contacts" in the main menu on the left.

Comment on Facts via Document Reviewer

When looking over citations within the document reviewer, you now have the ability to view and add comments on existing Facts. Click on the highlighted text to open the Fact form. Scroll to the bottom of the form to access the comments thread (below the Source Text field).

To add a comment to a Fact via the citation window, enter your text in the "Write a new comment" field and click the "Save" button directly below the comment box.

Comment on Existing Facts.png

Note: Comment thread updates are saved separately from changes to the Fact itself. The "Save" button beneath the comment field is activated when a new comment is typed, indicating a save is needed. Any changes to the Fact itself should be saved using the primary "Save" button.

Merge Facts

You can now merge Facts in CaseFleet. Merging facts combines the fact content, citations, issues, and comments of the various facts into one Fact record.

Merging Facts.gif

Learn more in our support article on Merging Facts.

Download A/V File Transcriptions

When reviewing audio or video files in CaseFleet's A/V Reviewer, you now have the option to download the transcribed audio from the file as a Word document.

AV Transcript Download.png

Note: The accuracy of a transcription depends upon the quality of the audio in the original file.

Improved Page Navigation for Table Views

We have a new update that makes it easier to view and navigate when multiple pages of results are visible. On tabled pages (such as the Cases page or Sources tab within a case), you can now change the display count of results, see the total number of records, and navigate to the previous/next page of results from both the top and bottom of the list. Previously, you would need to scroll to the bottom to access this information.

Page navigation.png

Enhanced Case Groups

We're excited to announce that we've just released some major updates to CaseFleet's Case Groups feature (Enterprise plans only). Case Groups enable you to designate user access to only specific cases. This feature is particularly helpful for companies that need walled-off access between various teams.

Case Groups - Changing Group Access.gif

For more details on how Case Groups work, click here.

Note: Case Groups are a user permissions feature available on Enterprise plans only. If you would like access to case groups, please email