CaseFleet release notes
CaseFleet release notes

Uploading a Folder of Documents

We recently updated our uploads functionality to support directory (folder) uploading. You can now drag an entire folder of documents from your computer to be added to your case.

Folder Upload.gif

Note: Only the individual files contained within the folder will be uploaded. Nested folders and path information are not retained. The maximum size for each individual file uploaded to CaseFleet is 1.5 GB.

Support Chat Visibility Toggle

Want to hide our customer support chat from your view? We just added an option that lets you toggle the support chat on and off, giving you more control over your CaseFleet workspace.

Hide Support Chat.png

Issues Selection Ordering

When assigning an Issue tag to a Fact, recently used Issues are now bumped to the top of list in the drop-down selector. Any issues saved to facts are "remembered" for the extent of your page session within the document reviewer or the Facts tab, and are reset once the page is refreshed or upon navigating to a new page in CaseFleet.

Issues List_annot.png

Support for .MPG video files

We've updated our A/V reviewer to include support for .mpg files! 📽 For more information on reviewing audio and video files in CaseFleet, click here.

AV Reviewer.png

Faster Contact & Issue Linking

We've recently implemented some major performance upgrades in CaseFleet! Now, when associating contacts or issues with a fact, matching items will appear almost instantly. 🏎

Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 3.30.06 PM.png

Tablet Support for Document Review

Using CaseFleet on-the-go just got easier! You can now review many document types on an iPad or other tablet device.

To see if tablet review is supported for a particular document, look for the tablet icon in the top-left corner of the document reviewer, next to the document name:

Highligher Tablet Icon.png

Redacted Email Notifications

If your team includes privileged information in fact comments, tasks or task comments, you may prefer for these details to be hidden in the notification emails sent from CaseFleet. Administrators can now choose to redact notification emails in Account Settings > Email.

Click here to learn more.

Add Comments to Facts at Creation

In CaseFleet, you now have the ability to comment on a Fact at the same time as creating it for your timeline. Whether you're working within the document reviewer, or creating a new entry directly on the Facts tab, simply add your internal comment at the bottom of the Fact form and save.

Comment on Fact at Creation.gif

Saved Views for Case Contacts

Filters, columns and saved views are now available on the case Contacts tab! Select what info you want visible on your contacts and filter by various fields. Save your view for a quick "snapshot" of contacts matching certain criteria.

Case Contacts Filtering.png

Saved Views for Global Contacts Menu

We recently upgraded our global Contacts page with filtering capabilities, column chooser and Saved Views! You can now view more detailed information for a record directly in the Contact list. With Saved Views, you can now create a "smart list" of contact records matching certain criteria.

Contacts_Columns Filters Saved Views.png Note: This upgrade is currently only available on the global contacts menu, which can be found by clicking "Contacts" in the main menu on the left.