Tasks in Timelines

Tasks are now available in all parts of CaseFleet, not just the professional plan. Assign tasks and reminders to yourself, or assign tasks to colleagues. The task system is integrated with emails, and each task can be linked to a case or created as a free standing task.

Task Reminders

Now you can make sure you never miss a deadline by creating a series of reminders for every task in CaseFleet. Do you need a quick alert right before a phone call: create a popup 1 or 2 minutes before the call begins! Do you want a heads-up one week before a big project is due, then create a reminder email. Or both!

Reminders are easy to create from any task in CaseFleet. For more information, check out our support article.

Easily attach documents to expenses

It's now infinitely easier to attach documents to expenses. Just drag and drag right onto the form for an expense. You'll also see a list of documents on the page for the expenses - no need to visit another tab!

Stay tuned for more - we've got a lot of new features in the pipeline.

OCR, aka Reading Scanned Files

When you add a document in CaseFleet, we'll now apply OCR algorithms to attempt to read text from each page (if the page does not have text to begin with). This is great news because it means you'll almost always be able to "grab" some text on every page with your mouse when creating a fact from Highlights.

If your documents have handwritten notes, OCR won't be able to read them accurately, but it will at least see that there is text on the page, which enable you to highlight it.

Tasks upgrades

We've updated the tasks feature so that you can assign a task to multiple users (each user will be notified about the task), and we also improved the checkbox for marking a task complete. More to come: tasks are on our own task list!


Everyone loves breadcrumbs, and not just the ones you put on a salad:

Breadcrumbs in an application help you get back to where you came from without having to git the back button. We've now added them throughout CaseFleet to make getting around the app as easy and intuitive as possible:

Image credit Acid Pix, CC License

Refresh list of issues when adding a case type

Fixed a small bug where the list of issues on a case would temporarily not update after adding a case type to an existing case. This is resolved now.

Improved filters

We released a small change that makes filters even easier to use. These filters are more responsive, faster, and simply look better than ever before. You'll find them throughout CaseFleet - we upgraded them in numerous places.

Assigned users in Timelines

A hot new feature is out today: managing assigned users in Timelines. You can now assign users in your firm to cases in Timelines and then filter cases by the users assigned to them. This makes it easier than ever to pull up the cases that you need to work on at any time.

Download sources with timelines reports

When running a report in Timelines it is sometimes useful to have all relevant sources available for reference. Now, when running a report, you can choose to include sources with the report. Once we have created a zip file, you will be emailed a link where you can download all of the documents.

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