Filtering facts by creator

It's now possible to filter facts by who created them. You can visit the facts or reports page on any case and open the filter builder to access this new filter.

Automatic logout

We now have an automatic logout. Any accounts that have had an extended period of inactivity will automatically be logged out for security reasons.

Malware scanning for uploads

We now have malware scanning for all uploaded files.

Expanded user subscription management options

Allow users to cancel and restart their subscriptions themselves if desired.

Improved bulk editor for sources

We redesigned the bulk edit feature for sources. Now you have more control over the changes you're making, and it's easier to understand what will happen when you hit the "save" button:

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 10.50.01 AM.png

Bulk edit and archive facts

It's now possible to change the issues for multiple facts at a time. Using our newly-updated bulk-edit feature, you can select any number of facts and add or remove issues in bulk. You can also "archive" multiple facts at once - a handy way of hiding certain facts without having to delete them.

Bulk Editing Facts.png

Improved controls for adding time

We recently updated the date and time section of the form for adding new facts and editing existing facts to make it easier to set the time or remove the time for a fact.

By default, you don't need any input for time: Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 4.18.43 PM.png

Clicking + Add Time, gives you a handy input:

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 4.18.56 PM.png

Filter to view only facts with notes

Now you can filter facts to view only those that have notes. Simply open the filter dropdown on the facts page or reports page, and choose the "Notes" option. Once you've selected "Notes" you can select whether you want to view facts with notes (i.e., Notes "is not empty") or facts without notes (Notes is empty).

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 11.27.45 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 11.28.17 AM.png

Saved views improvements

Today we released a raft of improvements to the Saved Views feature (found on the cases list page, the facts tab, and Sources tab). The improvements make the buttons more compact and also provide the option to save the preferred number of items and sort order as part of a saved view. This release also included some small bug fixes.

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 12.21.31 PM.png

Audio and Video File Review 🎞

Review audio and video files with ease in CaseFleet using our new media viewer, which automatically recognizes and transcribes speech. You can even use the search feature to find words in media files!

AV Review.png

To get started, check out our support article: