Merge Facts

You can now merge Facts in CaseFleet. Merging facts combines the fact content, citations, issues, and comments of the various facts into one Fact record.

Merging Facts.gif

Learn more in our support article on Merging Facts.

Download A/V File Transcriptions

When reviewing audio or video files in CaseFleet's A/V Reviewer, you now have the option to download the transcribed audio from the file as a Word document.

AV Transcript Download.png

Note: The accuracy of a transcription depends upon the quality of the audio in the original file.

Improved Page Navigation for Table Views

We have a new update that makes it easier to view and navigate when multiple pages of results are visible. On tabled pages (such as the Cases page or Sources tab within a case), you can now change the display count of results, see the total number of records, and navigate to the previous/next page of results from both the top and bottom of the list. Previously, you would need to scroll to the bottom to access this information.

Page navigation.png

Enhanced Case Groups

We're excited to announce that we've just released some major updates to CaseFleet's Case Groups feature (Enterprise plans only). Case Groups enable you to designate user access to only specific cases. This feature is particularly helpful for companies that need walled-off access between various teams.

Case Groups - Changing Group Access.gif

For more details on how Case Groups work, click here.

Note: Case Groups are a user permissions feature available on Enterprise plans only. If you would like access to case groups, please email

Join/Leave Case Button

We've just released an improvement that makes it easy for you to quickly add or remove yourself from a case. On the Case Home tab, click on the orange "+" button in the upper right-hand corner to join or leave the case as an assigned user.

Adding or Removing Self as Assigned User.gif

Note: Administrators and Standard Users can add themselves as assigned user to any case in your account. Limited and Guest Users must be added to a case by an Administrator or Standard User.

Spreadsheets Reviewer

CaseFleet has launched a new specialized tool for reviewing spreadsheets! Simply upload your .xls, .xslx or .csv file to CaseFleet and view them in our dynamic and easy-to-use interface. To create citations, select any number of cells and click the "Cite Selection" button at the top of the page. The pin cite will automatically reference the specific cells highlighted within the spreadsheet. For more information, click here.

Spreadsheets Reviewer Citation.gif

Quick status update in document reviewer

You can now update the review status of a source from within the document reviewer with the click of a button. Simply select the checkbox next to the Search icon to toggle the review status to Not Started, In Progress, or Complete. Update Review Status.gif

Tooltip for formatting text in facts

When creating facts, you will now see help text underneath the text box with available formatting options. Click this help text to view our support article with more detailed formatting information.

Fact Formating Help Text.png

Exporting Sources with OCR

CaseFleet users now have the ability to download the OCR version of documents from CaseFleet. This is useful if you have a long PDF document that is not originally text-searchable, but you want to provide in a text-searchable format.

To access the feature, click the download button on the Sources tab. (You will want to filter before downloading if you want to download only a subset of the documents in OCR format).

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 1.42.41 PM.png

Then check this box in the popup. Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 1.42.26 PM.png

More easily access contact fields

CaseFleet now offers the ability to access ALL contact fields directly from the contact list page when you are editing or creating a contact. Simply click "+ Show Additional Contact Fields" to see all of the options:


Here's what you'll see with all fields displayed:

all shown.png