More readable dropdown menus

We added stronger colors in our dropdown so that you can see exactly which item you are about to choose. The past version was a wee bit too subtle and could be hard to see on certain monitors.

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 5.02.42 PM.png

Improved interface for linking to existing facts

When you find additional proof for a fact that's already in your chronology, you'll want to link that proof to the existing fact, rather than creating a new, duplicate fact. Now when you link to an existing fact, you'll have our powerful search engine to help you find what you need.

Upload up to 50 documents at a time!

You can now drag and drop up to 50 documents at a time in CaseFleet. This makes it much faster to add documents from your computer to CaseFleet. Happy uploading!

Improved scroll to top widget

We removed the "Scroll to Top" link and replaced it with a compact little button to ensure you're always able to read the top fact easily.



CaseFleet now offers full text search of case documents, included in our new Standard Plan tier. Upload all of your case documents (including native files) and use search to find key keywords and key evidence. You can enter a simple query to get started, or use powerful terms and connectors for more precise searches.

More here:


Statute of Limitations for Leads

Now you can record the statute of limitations for new leads. To help you prioritize the leads that need quick action, the date you enter here can be used to sort. When you convert a lead to a case, the date you enter will be copied over to the case.

Edit sources from within the reviewer

We added a button to the toolbar in the document reviewer that allows you to make changes to various properties of the source while you are reviewing the document - rather than having to close it, make the changes, and re-open. You can change the document name, add or remove tags, and edit the way that pincites are formatted.

Easily spot contacts already assigned to a case

When adding a contact to a case, it's sometimes difficult to remember which contacts you have already assigned. Now, it's easy to spot which contacts already appear on the case right from the form.

Get notified when CaseFleet is updated

Whenever we release an improvement or new feature or even a small fix to CaseFleet, you'll now get a bright orange notice to refresh your browser. Click refresh, and you'll be running the latest version.

Create duplicate facts

To duplicate a fact, click the edit button on the fact and then click the button with the "copy" icon. You'll have a fresh copy of the fact with all the same issues, citations, contacts, and text.

This feature is really handy for taking a long fact and breaking it up into parts, or just using a fact as a template for a new fact.

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