CaseFleet release notes
CaseFleet release notes

Click 'Currently Viewing' to Refocus Reviewer Window

Big into multi-tasking? Us too! That's why we just released an update that will bring an open document reviewer window back into focus by clicking "Currently Viewing" in your Sources list. Check out the GIF below to see it in action. 😎

Currently Viewing Refocus.gif

Un-archive Duplicate Sources upon Upload

We just added a new feature allowing you to quickly un-archive documents flagged as duplicates during upload. If you have previously archived a source and attempt to upload the same document again, it is flagged as a duplicate with the option to quickly un-archive the original, so it appears in your Sources list.

Un-archive on Dupe Upload.png

For more information about archiving sources, click here.

Save Zoom Mode in Document Reviewer

The CaseFleet team just released a new update to our Document Reviewer. Now when you select a zoom mode (i.e. Automatic, Horizontal, Vertical, or Manual), your choice is saved when navigating to a new document or upon relaunching the reviewer.

Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 11.50.14 AM.png

Limit Columns in Sources CSV Export

Exporting source information just got easier! 🎉 When downloading a CSV of the Sources list, you'll see a new option limiting the export to include only the columns currently selected in your view. This option is enabled by default. To include all available source fields in the export, simply uncheck this box.

Sources Export_Visible Columns.png

Click here for more information about the sources export tool in CaseFleet.

View Full Bates Range for Sources

When using Bates numbers for citation formatting in CaseFleet, you can now see the full Bates range for each source on the Sources tab and on the Source Detail page.

Use the column chooser to add the desired columns to your view, such as Bates Range, Beg. Bates, and Pages count. We've also included the beginning and ending Bates details for each document in our Source list CSV export, via the "Download" button.

Bates View.png

Enhanced Sources List Export

The CaseFleet team just released an upgrade to our Sources export tool. All Source fields are now included in the CSV export - including associated metadata for the document. Just go to the sources page, apply any filters or saved views you would like to narrow your list, then click "Download":

Download Sources.png

Click here for more information on Downloading Sources in CaseFleet.

Source Tag Quick Filtering

We've just added a handy short-cut for filtering your Sources list by applied Source Tags. With the Tags column visible in your view, simply click on a source tag to display a little pop-up giving the option to filter by the selected Source Tag.

Quick Filter Source Tags.png

Contact Memo Access

Memos on Contact records are now more easily accessible at the case-level. When creating or editing a contact, click "+ Show Additional Contact Fields" to show the memo field for a contact.

Contact Memo Field (caes level).png

Note: Contact memos are linked to the global contact record, and are visible/editable across all cases to which the contact has been added.

Improved Multi-Page Records Navigation

We recently made a change improving navigation through multiple pages of records in CaseFleet. The current page number of results is more clearly visible in the page navigation area, making it even easier to maneuver through large numbers of records.

Multi-page records nav.png

Uploading a Folder of Documents

We recently updated our uploads functionality to support directory (folder) uploading. You can now drag an entire folder of documents from your computer to be added to your case.

Folder Upload.gif

Note: Only the individual files contained within the folder will be uploaded. Nested folders and path information are not retained. The maximum size for each individual file uploaded to CaseFleet is 1.5 GB.